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Cink's Music Studio

"Music is more than notes on a page; it's a rewarding companion that fills our hearts when words fall short. It creates a positive and loving environment, not only for ourselves but also for those around us. Through music, we find solace, joy, and beautiful self-expression without boundaries."

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My Approach


Learn how to play and read melodies and chord patterns using proper technique and fun exercises.


Expand your skills by playing music off the cuff.


Discover how to play any genre, (ex. Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classic).

Cultivating Creativity

Encourage new ways to practice and craft music.


Begin building a vocabulary behind the music you learn by writing your own songs.

Harmony Herald

Share your music in quarterly virtual showcases and yearly recitals.

Lori Durham

"There are piano teachers, and then there are Piano teachers. Marcinko is the latter. My grandson Cole started lessons just before his 4th birthday. He was young, not sure of his alphabet yet, but Marcinko found a way to engage his young mind and make learning piano fun while teaching the basics even with his young age. Cole is now almost 6 years old and is doing wonderfully! Marcinko has a way of making learning piano fun. If he senses that a break is needed, they take a short break by playing games or drawing. This keeps Cole fully engaged and encourages fun-filled learning. Per my request, Marcinko will always humor me and play for me a piece of music that he is composing, or a song that I request. Just a bonus to his joyful style of teaching."

What students and parents say...


Hey there, I'm Marcinko Orozco.

I've been teaching piano for over 5 years, and have enjoyed every moment of working with the students that've come to me. Together, we'll navigate the ups and downs of the learning process, celebrating every milestone and success along the way. I have helped students experience the joys of overcoming the many obstacles that learning music presents. I have also helped students confidently prepare and play for competitions in both classical and pop performances. Ultimately, I aim to help create and nurture the relationship between the student and music. It is delicate and must be navigated with care so that it can accompany them throughout life.


Let's create melodies that resonate with your soul and make memories that last a lifetime.

- Marcinko Orozco

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