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Marcinko Orozco is an American composer who specializes in a unique variety of genres, including Ambient, Drum ‘n’ Bass, House, and Cinematic. He was first inspired to compose music by listening to the soundtracks from his childhood video games. He would sit at the piano and try to pick out the melodies, and began learning his favorite tunes as soon as he could read music. His influences include the playful melodies of Koji Kondo and Michiru Oshima, and the harmonies and grooves of Soichi Terada and Yoko Kanno. 


Marcinko made his compositional debut in 2016 at the Tiedtke Concert Hall, playing a selection of his ambient piano solos. His first EP “Driving Home” is a hip hop album combining samples and live piano performance. Other notable works include “Cafe Nova” performed by Weldon Street Jazz Combo in venues across Central Florida, and “Sunset Gaze” featured on premier hip hop YouTube channel, Sound Bucket. In 2020, Marcinko was selected to participate in the NYU Summer Workshop for Video Game Scoring, working with Halo’s Tom Salta. 


In order to practice implementing music into different types of media, Marcinko has been exploring filmmaking. In his free time, he plays sports and spends time with his two cats, Carl and Ellie. 

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